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All the pieces are coilbuilt using semi-refractory white clay. When leather-hard they are burnished with different tools to achieve a smooth, polished surface, when bone-dry Terra Sigillata is used for a shiny effect. If the surface has to be rough and porous they are sanded or textured. After the bisque firing (1000°),  they are treated with textiles or masking tape, if the pattern needs such process, then coated with clay body slip or with slip and glaze. Removed from the kiln at a temperature between 850 ° and 920 °, they are placed in the reduction chamber where smoke is fixed on the surface of the piece in several ways depending on many factors, such as the quantity of  sawdust put in the bin, the thickness of the slip layers or the temperature of the piece. These technical points are the result of experience and intuition, but often there is something unexpected that contributes to the final aspect of the work made with the naked raku technique.

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